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Makai Hat Company brings the sense of adventure — from the mountains to the sea — for surfers, explorers, and everyone in between. We make the highest quality hats, so you can experience what makes life exciting.



General Hat Care


Extend the life of your hat by always handling it by the brim. The brim is designed to be handled, the crown of your hat is not. 


The best way to care for your hat is to spot clean it with a warm, damp cloth. Harsh cleaning chemicals could damage your favorite hat. Allow your hat to air dry in the shade instead of using dryers.


To keep the sweatband dry of perspiration, hair and skin products, and body oils, occasionally turn down the sweatband to dry. 


Place your hat upside down on its crown, when not wearing it. If you place the brim of your hat on a flat surface it will eventually cause the brim to flatten and lose its shape.

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